With Windows 11 Is Making It Easier To Change Default Browser, Let’s Take A Look At How To Do It


Windows 11 comes with a centralised task bar by default.

Currently, Windows 11 users have no dedicated button to simply change the default browser.

  • Last Updated:December 04, 2021, 12:59 IST

Microsoft is making it easier for Windows 11 users to change their default web browser. The company is reportedly going back on some recent changes made to Windows 11 that made changing your default browser tricky. This was said to be the company’s move to motivate users to keep the Microsoft Edge browser as the default browser. However, it seems that the strategy from Microsoft did not work and now, the company is making it easier to change your default web browser on Windows 11. Let us take a look:

The feature was first pointed out by reverse engineer Rafael Rivera, who said that the Windows build 22509 has a new “Set Default Browser” button. With the new change, the option to change the browser will appear within the Windows 11 Settings, under the “Apps” tab and the “Default Apps” option. There is a new “Set Default” button on the top right of the Default Apps page, screenshots shared by Rivera show. With the new method, all users need to do in terms of changing their web browser is go to Settings > Apps > Default Apps > select the web browser they want to set as default > Click “Set Default” on top.

Currently, Windows 11 users have no dedicated button to simply change the default browser. Instead, users have to set the default app for each kind of extension (.htm, hmlt, webp, etc)/ This makes it a cumbersome process, leading to many users leaving the default app as Microsoft Edge. Recently, Microsoft’s Edge browser was spotted with a message that is aimed to divert people from using its fiercest competitor, Google Chrome. “Still using Google Chrome? That is so 2008!” the message reads, along with other such prompts.

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