Dealing With Scanty Periods? Here’s a Herbal Tea Recipe for Your Rescue


Scanty periods or short menstrual flow (hypomenorrhea) is a condition where menstruation lasts for a shorter span of time (two days) or blood flow is less than normal. The irregularities in periods are caused due to several factors like hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, unhealthy foods, stress, emotional trauma, low body weight, or prolonged use of contraceptive pills. The continuous scanty periods are a cause of concern. However, you can cure it with some natural home remedies.

Here is a recipe for a herbal tea suggested by yoga trainer Juhi Kapoor that will not only help you to deal with scanty periods but will also give you relief from period cramps.

The herbal tea recipe by Juhi contains Shahi Jeera or Caraway seeds. One must not that that Shahi Jeera is not the cumin seeds as both are different. Caraway seeds are darker and taste much sweeter than normal jeera while cumin seeds are hotter to the taste, lighter in colour, and larger in size. Here’s the recipe for herbal tea:

Ingredients to use:

1 tsp — Caraway seeds

2 cups – Water

1 tsp – Jaggery

How to make:

Step 1: Soak one teaspoon of caraway seeds in two cups of water overnight.

Step 2: Next, morning boil the caraway seeds water and reduce it to one cup.

Step 3: Now add one teaspoon of jaggery for taste.

Step 4: Strain the decoction and store it in a glass or bowl.

Step 5: Consume half of the drink in the morning and a half in the evening. Repeat it for 3 days before your menstruation starts.

According to the yoga trainer, one need not consume it on a daily basis but just 3 days before your expected period date.

Apart from this herbal tea, ginger tea, calendula herbal tea, papaya, parsley leaves and other zink enriched foods are also beneficial in scanty periods.

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