Vexed with Hair Loss? Avoid these Habits to Keep it in Check


Hair loss is a very common phenomenon and is a part of everyday life. It can be permanent or temporary. You may start to notice that you are losing more hair than usual. You can see your hair clogs up your shower drain or clumps of hair in your brush. You also may have to vacuum every day because your carpet has turned into a hairy rug. We all want thick and healthy hair but when what to do when you experience hair thinning

Erratic lifestyle, pollution or too much stress can all contribute to hair shedding. Hair loss is experienced by people across genders and age groups. A healthy, dedicated and consistent routine is very important to follow. But you cannot solve a problem if you cannot identify the root cause. So to remedy the situation, understand whether your daily habits could be the cause.

What if you are not aware of your habits that might be damaging your hair ?Dermatologist Dr Gurveen Waraich points out common habits you should avoid to prevent hair loss.

Tight ponytail or bun

Don’t wear too tightly pulled hairstyles like braids, ponytails, or buns. This can cause Traction Alopecia. Extra pressure on hair over time can permanently damage your hair follicles.

Repeated strain can lead to receding hairline especially around the forehead or nape. Wear loose buns and try changing your hairstyle often.

100 Strokes a day

“100 hair strokes a day will make your hair shinier and healthier,” Dr Waraich busts this popular myth. According to her, it is not exactly accurate. While brushing is an important but rigorous overbrushing strains your scalp. For you haircare it is a no-no because the friction leads to hair loss and frizzy hair.

Examples of styling products and tools that can affect hair loss include:

  • blow dryers
  • heated combs
  • hair straighteners
  • coloring products
  • bleaching agents
  • perms
  • relaxers

Additionally, ensure you’re eating a balanced diet which comprises adequate amounts of iron and protein.

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