These Masks Can Help You During Toxic Pollution Levels


Pollution levels have been on an upward scale and it has left citizens gasping for good quality air in Delhi NCR. Extreme pollution levels are not only toxic for the health, but it can also cause respiratory issues and can also leave health effects for long.

It goes unsaid that we need to minimize our exposure to the toxic smog. Besides, it is also important to be safe when we step out and use masks since we are facing the the hazardous pollution as well as COVID-19 scare. In recent weeks, we have also seen a spike in flu and viral ailments. This equally makes it important for us to rely on all the necessary masking protocols, and safeguard ourselves. So, which is the best mask to protect you? Is it Surgical, cloth or N95 masks?

It is not the first time that we have witnessed and heard of toxic air quality. However, what is making it even more difficult is the battle with COVID-19. Besides, there is also a rise in other respiratory viruses, too. And in this case, polluted air can, worsen cases. Be it indoors or outdoors, poor quality of air can actually make viruses stay suspended in the air, and cause more rampant infections. Besides this, pollution also tends to cause a lot of symptoms similar to cold, flu or even COVID. This makes it extremely difficult to tell symptoms apart at once.

Toxic or polluted air entering our respiratory passages can harm parts of our lungs, and can make us vulnerable to catching ailments. Studies and researches have also stated that while viruses can linger on in the air for long, and attack the body, pollution also increases the risk of catching COVID-19, and is capable of causing severity.

Be it COVID or the toxic air pollution levels, it’s extremely important to use a mask to curb risks. At the same time, it’s crucial to check that the mask are fulfilling all the necessary criteria. In simple words, it should prevent exposure. How well a mask can filter out pollutants from entering inside depends on the quality of mask.

Reportedly, when it comes to filtering out the air in ambience, experts say that using masks which have a filtration valve present in them are the most useful. The FFP1 masks, or the N95 masks are known to be the most effective for clinical use, and can effectively limit the pollutants suspended in the air. FFP1 masks, which have a 95% filtration rate can be a good investment for those who face hazardous pollution on a daily basis. If not, using a N95 mask can be a good investment and protect you well.

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