Priyanka Gandhi Urges PM Modi Not to Share Stage with Minister Ajay Mishra; ‘Will Be Insult to Families of 700 Farmers’


All India Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Saturday brought up the Lakhimpur violence issue in a press conference and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi not to share stage with Union MoS Home Ajay Mishra Teni. Gandhi asked to shunt him instead as an act of ensuring justice to families of deceased farmers. The Congress leader has written a letter to PM Modi in this regard as Modi is in Lucknow today and tomorrow to attend the All India DGP press conference.

Addressing a press conference in Lucknow today on Saturday morning, Congress leader Gandhi read out the letter she has written to the PM. “Yesterday you repealed the three far laws while accepting that they were being forced upon the farmers. I have read in the newspapers that you are in Lucknow today to attend the DGP conference and will meet with the top officials of the country who are responsible for maintaining law and order.”

“The entire country saw the barbarity done with the farmers in Lakhimpur. You must be knowing that the main accused in this incident is the son of Union MoS Home in your government. Due to political pressure, the Uttar Pradesh government since starting has tried to silence the voice for justice. The Honourable Supreme Court has also remarked that it seems that the government is trying to save a particular accused in this case,” said Gandhi.

“Sir, I have met the families of the farmers who died in Lakhimpur, they are in extreme pain. All the families have said that they want just justice for their kins and till the time Union MoS is at his post they don’t have any hope of getting justice. The current situation of investigation in the Lakhimpur incident has proved the apprehension of the families correct. The Union Home Minister Amit Shah who is responsible for law and order in the country and Chief Minister of State Yogi Adityanath are sharing the stage with the same Union MoS,” asserted the Congress leader.

“You are the Prime Minister of the country and you must be understanding your responsibility towards farmers very well. Yesterday while addressing the nation you had said you are repealing the laws in farmers’ interest with true intent and pure heart. If this is all true, then you should ensure justice for the families of the deceased farmers in Lakhimpur. However, Ajay Mishra Teni continues to serve as Minister in your government. If you share the stage with him in the DGP conference then a message will go to the families of the victims that you are standing with those shielding the murderers,” Gandhi wrote in her letter.

“This will be an insult to those 700 farmers as well who lost their lives during the farmers’ protest,” she added.

“If you have pure intent towards the farmers of the country, then don’t share the stage with Union MoS and instead remove him from his post. You should also take back the cases against the farmers of the country and must ensure financial aid for the martyred farmers,” stated Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in her letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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