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Snippets from UK: Liverpool Bomber’s Rage Exploded after Losing Asylum Claim


Emad Al Swealmeen died in the taxi he blew up outside a hospital in Liverpool. Representational pic/Reuters

From the worries of Indian students in Britain to Qatar red-listing the UK, a roundup of what’s making news at this time.

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  • Last Updated:November 18, 2021, 19:08 IST

Cost of a delay: The Liverpool bomber is now known to have carried out his attack because the Home Office failed to throw him out after he lost his case for political asylum. Emad Al Swealmeen lost his asylum claim back in 2014. He sought to appeal against the order but was refused leave to appeal in 2017. And yet in four years since then the Home Office did not evict him. He died in the taxi he blew up outside a hospital in Liverpool.

Teachers on strike: Indian students and others of course headed to the UK have had longer holidays than they would have liked. After losing out last year to the pandemic when they paid for classes but were stuck with online lessons, they now face a strike by university teachers at the start of December. The first phase of the strike is from December 1 to 3, but that may not be the last.

Refugee row: A number of Indians and other South Asians are reported to be among more than a thousand refugees driven out by the French police from a camp they had set up near Dunkirk. They had been planning to cross over to Britain by boat. The number of such arrivals in Britain has soared to record levels this year.

Mountbatten’s diaries: A court in London is considering a demand for the release of vital diaries by the last Viceroy Lord Mountbatten. The British government is opposing the appeal for release on the grounds that information in them would “compromise the UK’s relations with other states”, meaning of course India and Pakistan. Which does raise the question what it is the UK wants hidden. The hearings continue until Friday.

Britain on Qatar’s red list: The high number of about 49,000 daily Covid cases in Britain has led Qatar to place the UK on its travel red list. That means that even fully vaccinated Britons will have to go into forced quarantine in a hotel for a week. This does raise questions also for India and other countries currently letting travellers in without restrictions.

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