Fed Up With Rice Sticking to Pan Every Time You Cook? Here’s an Easy Trick by MasterChef


Fried Rice is one of the most common choices when it comes to satisfying our appetites with some lip-smacking Chinese food. Moreover, fried rice is a perfect companion as it shares the plate with other dishes without any hassle and makes a delicious combination. And let’s be honest, it is as fun to cook these foods as it is to eat them.

One very prevalent problem that is paired up with cooking the fried rice is that it sticks to the pan. Although it doesn’t really affect the overall taste of fried rice, it sure does make the cooking experience a bit ‘sticky’ and requires immense power to clean it off the pan.

If you’ve ever found yourself in such a situation, then this article might just be the trick you need. But we won’t be taking the credit for devising this solution. This easy trick comes from Chef Kunal Kapoor, who is popularly seen as a judge on MasterChef India.

Recently, Kunal took to Instagram to share an easy trick under the series ‘Kunal’s Tips & Tricks’ that can avoid rice sticking to the pan while you’re trying to cook a tasty dish of fried rice. Sharing the video, Kunal, in the caption, wrote, “I know many of you struggle with rice sticking to the pan while making fried rice. So, here is a simple solution.”

Take a look at the clip here:


  • Heat the pan over a high flame.
  • Add a smidgen of oil and move the pan to spread the droplets all over the pan’s surface.
  • Heat the pan until smoke starts exuding off the pan.
  • Keep the pan aside for a while.
  • When it’s time to cook, heat the pan again. Now, if you fry the rice, it won’t stick to the pan.

The next time you cook fried rice, do try this easy method and let the flavours stick to your palate rather than the rice to your pan.

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