Webcam on Old PC With Windows 11 Not Working? Here Are Some Fixes


Like all parts of your PC, a webcam could also face trouble at some point. This may not only apply to the built-in camera, but users can also face problems with the external cam. In this case, it clearly means the software on the PC is not able to read the camera. There can be times when the software doesn’t understand the camera plugged in or doesn’t have the right enabled permission that effectively blocks the camera. Here are some solutions on how to fix the webcam if it not working on Windows 11:

The following troubleshooting steps will walk you through and help you understand the fault. Make sure your test the webcam after each step.

Step 1: Open the camera manufacturer’s website and check if it is compatible with Windows 11 OS, as old cameras generally don’t work with newer versions of Windows.

Step 2: Rebooting the system often fixes the problem but don’t consider this to be the fix to the problem. There might be an app or a browser using your camera. Restarting ensures that the system gets disconnected from those sources.

Step 3: In case your webcam is attached to the cord, make sure you unplug it and plug it back in.

Step 4: Try disabling the anti-virus, privacy software and firewall temporarily. There are times when some programs have built-in webcam protection that could be blocking the camera.

Step 5: Try enabling or disabling the camera via the device manager.

Step 6: Uninstall the camera using “Device Manager” which will force Windows to reinstall the driver. Once you have finished doing this, restart your computer.

Step 7: Try running a driver updater tool that will help in checking the missing or outdated drivers, to install them for you.

Step 8: Make sure that the webcam software is up to date. There could be a dedicated app for it from the camera company like Zoom and Skype.

Step 9: Try running Windows update, there could be a possibility that Microsoft might have a fix for the webcam problem.

Step 10: Try plugging the webcam into other computers. In case it works there, the possibility is that your system needs a fix but if it doesn’t, chances are your webcam is most likely damaged.

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