World Spine Day 2021: Tips to Prevent Back Pain and Keep the Spine Healthy


Back pain, specifically lower back pain, is a chronic ailment in India. The disease is not limited to the elderly but is increasing among the youth. Those who study or work on a desk, on the computer, for long hours, suffer the most. A sedentary lifestyle puts too much pressure on the spinal discs and back muscles, which causes long-term complications. On World Spine Day, we share a few tips to maintain spinal health and prevent back pain.

Good posture

People, who work on their computers, usually slouch a lot, which puts pressure on the neck, back muscles and spine and causes pain. Those who use mobile phones, often lie on their stomachs with their necks arched upwards, which damages their spines. Maintaining an upright posture, aligning the neck and the lower back can prevent such damages and pain. Maintaining the correct desktop monitor or laptop level is also necessary in this regard.


Taking short, frequent breaks not only reduce work-related mental stress but also stress on our spines. Movement is good for the spine and back muscles as it strengthens the muscles and nerves. Sitting in one position for extended hours is unhealthy and will lead to and worsen back pain.

Exercises and Yogasanas

Exercise helps restore fluidity of our muscles, joints, spinal discs and alleviates pain. Partial crunches, bridge, hamstring stretches, knee-to-chest, cat stretch, shoulder and neck rolls are easy-to-do and effective exercises. Yogasanas like Adho mukha Svanasana, Salabhasana, Marjaryasana and Trikonasana also help reduce back pain.


Regularly undertaking brisk walks can help alleviate back pain and pain of the spine. Our sedentary jobs weaken the trunk, core and lumbar muscles, spine and cause back pain. Walking helps reduce weight, increases blood flow to muscles of the spine and raises the oxygen and nutrient levels in the blood. This rejuvenates the muscles and relieves pain.

Right Diet

It is better to avoid fatty foods since they increase body weight, put pressure on the spine and causes back problems. Drinking plenty of water, consuming low fat, calcium, protein-rich diets filled with essential minerals keep our weight in check.

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