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Garena Free Fire Active Redeem Codes For October 11, How You Can Activate Them


Garena Free Fire remains among the top-three free games on Google Play India. The battle royal-style action title gained immense popularity after the government banned PUBG Mobile last year over national security concerns. Despite the relaunch of PUBG as Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), Garena Free Fire has gathered a loyal fan base. The company even launched the Garena Free Fire Max recently that promises better graphics than its sibling.

To keep Free Fire fans active, developers keep releasing special rewards codes periodically, to allow users to gain rewards. Using these codes will save in-game money and let you get gun skins, costumes, etc. Here is the list of redeem codes for October 11. To activate the codes, follow the steps given after the codes.

-Spikey Spine Weapon Loot Crate (NA, US, and SAC): W4GP-FVK2-MR2C:

-HEJT-6AYN-CDXU (European server)

-Titanium Weapon Loot Crate (Indonesia): FFES-P5M1-MVBN

-Abyssal Weapon Loot Crate (NA/US/SAC regions) : VT2Z-XFGP-KXK6

-Lively Beast Weapon Loot Crate: MCPB-KGXU-A5YU

-1x Victory Wings Loot Crate: 5ZMY-YPM7-P6YP

-1x The Punishers Weapon Loot Crate: 87JR-8K8A-KP64

-Water Elemental Weapon Loot Crate: MCPK-E62K-W5MX

-Pink Guardian Top and Candy Bag (backpack): FF10-617K-GUF9

-2x Wilderness Hunter Weapon loot crate: MCP3-WABQ-T43T

-2x Valentines Weapon Loot Crate: MCPP-U2ZG-BRKG

-1x Great Plunder Weapon Loot Crate: WFGR-W9J7-CKJQ

-2x Swallowtail Weapon Loot Crate: MCPG-PJ2A-9W9J

-1x Hysteria Weapon Loot Crate: GY52-RK7A-TA5R

-1x Champion Boxer Weapon Loot Crate: 7TQ4-WXZK-5MP2

-2x Carnival Carnage Weapon Loot Crate: MCPW-SX5B-7RYG

-1x Punishers Weapon Loot Crate: 9BYD-PUM5-WK6Z

-1x MP40 New Year Weapon Loot Crate: X59F-7V698-7MA

-3x Old-Fashioned Weapon Loot: GH7N-3ZKC-FA7Q

-5x Xtreme Adventure Weapon Loot Crate: N366-CU6U-P95B

-New Year Loot Box and Cool Captain (Shoes): FF10-JA1Y-ZNYN

-1x Swordsman Legends Weapon Loot Crate: MSJX-8VM2-5B95

-Winterlands Weapon Loot Crate: FH9R-GQVX-HRDV

-Pumpkin Warrior (Top) and 1x Star Soul Weapon Loot Crate: FF10-7NQ4-X9U3:

-3x Diamond Royale Vouchers: MM5O-DFFD-CEEW

Players should keep in mind that these codes are region-specific, so some codes may or may not work for players in regions other than specified.

To use these codes, open Garena Free Fire’s award redemption side by going to If you don’t have a Free Fire account, it is time to create one. If you already have a Free Fire account, go ahead and log in. To be able to use the codes, you need to connect your Free Fire account to at least one of these accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple ID, and Huawei ID. You will be asked for the redemption codes. Copy and paste the codes given above according to the server region and click on ‘Confirm.’ When a pop-up appears, click on ‘Ok’ to finish the redemption You will receive an email when the rewards will be sent. You can collect the rewards using the link in the email.

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