Sunday, October 24, 2021

Spending time with family, friends is preferred choice among Indians to cope with pandemic: Survey


The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of netizens while also impacting their physical health.

As per a survey by AMX India, an electronics start-up, almost 57 per cent of respondents agreed that the pandemic has slightly affected their mental health.

AMX conducted a study to understand the digital behaviour of people across the 18-45 age group and how the pandemic has affected their mental health in a negative way. The insights are based on a survey conducted with over 1,200 people pan India

As per the survey, 32 per cent of people said that spending time with family and friends has helped them deal with the pandemic. On the other hand, in a bid to cope with mental stress, respondents also said that they actively took up yoga (20 per cent) and meditation (16 per cent) during the pandemic.

For an overwhelming majority of 90 per cent, consuming content over OTT platforms and spending time on social media helped them through the difficult times during the the second wave.

Stress due to remote working

Remote working is also one of the important factors leading to stress and anxiety amongst working professionals, as per the study. Nearly 50 per cent of respondents stated that in the last two years, work from home set-up has impacted their mental health. About 58 per cent of professionals confirmed feeling anxious, having the need to constantly check their work emails every few hours since working remotely.

Nishant Arora, Co-Founder, AMX said, “Covid-19 has brought the discussion of mental health to the forefront. However, society has been progressive with time but we can still see stigma and inhibitions attached while discussing mental well-being. Our intent through this study was to get a first-hand account of how people across age groups are dealing with challenges related to mental health being confined to their homes, leading to anxiety issues, stress, insomnia, and others.”

He further added, “We also wanted to understand how open people are today while discussing mental challenges and if they are aware and educated about the importance of mental well-being.”

Jayesh Uppal, Co-Founder, AMX said, “The new normal has taken a toll on almost everyone’s mental health. The last two years have been challenging and people have been struggling to maintain a work-life balance. Along with the impact on physical health, the pandemic has affected the mental health of many in a negative way. Through this study, we wanted to understand the trends and preferences people are incorporating into their lifestyle for elevating their mood, building balance and flexibility during these unprecedented times.”

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