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On October 9, 1701, a charter passed during a meeting in Connecticut called for the start of a college, soon to be named after a wealthy merchant who made his fortune in Madras, Elihu Yale. This week’s quiz is all about colleges and universities




1.      SKY is an acronym used to refer to the three most prestigious universities in which country, renowned for the quality of its education system?


2.      When Delhi University started in 1922, St. Stephen’s College and Hindu College were two of three existing colleges to get affiliated. Which college, which includes Manoj Vajapyee and cricketer Praveen Kumar among its alumni, was the third?


3.      This university currently has eight campuses worldwide in addition to the main campus in Chicago. More than 5,000 students graduate every year from this institution, which was set up by one of the world’s most well-known organizations in a basement of one of its restaurants in 1961. Name the university or the corporation that owns it.


4.      Harvard University, MIT, Yale, Princeton and Amherst College are among the eight American universities that are need-blind for both US and international students. Technically, what are need-blind universities?


5.      In academics, what is the Loxbridge triangle?


6.      Originally inspired by a discussion between a well-known industrialist and Swami Vivekananda on a sea voyage in 1893, which is the first institution in India to offer a Masters programme in engineering?


7.      Which institution was established on 29 October, 1920 in response to the demands of some patriotic students of an existing Indian university who felt that their own institution was too pro-British?


8.      Which institution was set up on 7 December 1954, but began awarding their graduates degrees from Jawaharlal Nehru University only from 1974?


9.      If Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry features in the works of JK Rowling, in which work of comic fiction would you come across a College Of Magic in the Himalayas headed by an ancient wizard named Theron?


10.  Nalanda University is an international university located in Rajgir, emulating the famous ancient university of  Nalanda. Who was the chancellor when its first academic session commenced  in 2014?





1.      South Korea – Seoul National University, Korea University, and Yonsei University


2.      Ramjas College


3.      Hamburger University, set up by McDonald’s Corporation


4.      Colleges that will admit students regardless of their financial status and will offer whatever scholarships are necessary for the student once they have granted admission


5.      An unofficial grouping of elite research universities located in the cities of London, Oxford and Cambridge


6.      The Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru. The industrialist was  Jamshedji Tata


7.      Jamia Milia Islamia, set up in response to demands from Aligarh Muslim University students


8.      The National Defence Academy, which awards its graduates BA, BSc, or BCS (Computer Science) degrees from JNU


9.      Mandrake, by Lee Falk


10.  Amartya Sen

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