Sunday, October 24, 2021

Netflix Brings Play Something And Fast Laugh Feature On Android App: How to Use


The Play Something feature is essentially a shuffle button that plays anything Netflix thinks the user wants to watch.

The Netflix Play Something feature can be used through a new button on the home screen.

  • Last Updated:October 06, 2021, 11:26 IST

Streaming giant Netflix has announced an update for its Android app that will bring the Play Something and Fast Laughs feature to the Netflix Android app. The Play Something feature is a random shuffle feature that plays any random movie or TV show Netflix thinks a users may want to watch. The Play Something feature is currently rolling out for Android users only. Netflix says that it will test the feature on iOS devices in the coming months. The Fast Laughs feature, on the other hand, has been available for iOS users since this March.

The Netflix Play Something feature can be used through a new button on the home screen. This comes after the user has logged in to the app and has selected their profile. The “Play Something” button is visible on the bottom right corner, above the menu bar at the bottom. The Play Something button hovers over the content of the home screen. It is essentially a shuffle play button that plays a movie or TV show that the app thinks you may want to watch. The Netflix algorithm will play content based on the user’s watching behaviour and interests. It will also continue shows and movies that the user may have begun but did not complete watching.

The Fast Laughs feature is a TikTok-like feature that show random small funny clips in a full-screen vertical format in an auto-playing feed, much like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok. To access fast laughs, users need to get to its dedicated menu in the bottom bar along with Home, Coming Soon, and Downloads. This feature was first introduced with iOS devices back in March.

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