Sunday, October 24, 2021

Here’s How Parents Can Make Their Kids Aware of Child Abuse


Despite strict laws against child abuse in India, many are still victims of the crime. A recently published study revealed that in most cases, children are often abused by someone in the family. Psychologists state that if your child is not eating properly, having problems sleeping, and gets irritated or panics easily, these are signs that your child is facing mental or physical abuse. Here are few things you can do to make yourself and your child aware of the crime:

Make your child aware of the abuse:

Awareness comes through education and knowledge. According to experts, it’s important to make your child aware of the difference between good touch and bad touch. Teach them about private parts. Parents should introduce their children to different parts of the body through dolls or other cartoon characters. Since children do not understand words like ‘assault’, the parents should make their children understand that no one should touch their private parts and neither anyone should ask them to touch somebody else’s.

Become friends with your child

In many cases, children often don’t share anything with their parents because they feel they would get in trouble. And this fear is used by the perpetrator to abuse the child. Make your child understand that no matter what happens, they should always share things about body safety or body secrets with their parents and that will never get them in trouble.

Don’t blame your child

Sometimes parents blame their children when they share incidents like these with them. It’s not healthy, and steps like these can have a serious effect on your child’s life and could even affect their mental health for life.

Here’s a list of what to do and what not in such a situation:

Never blame your child

Don’t interrupt them while they are saying something

Don’t force your child to speak

Don’t ask them to forget what happened, a parent should take appropriate action

Be sympathetic towards your children

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