World Heart Day 2021: Remo D’Souza, Who Suffered A Heart Attack In 2020, Is On Mission To Be Healthy


World Heart Day 2021 is all about promising to take care of your heart and director-choreographer Remo D’Souza, who suffered a heart attack on December 11, 2020, has been on a mission to lead healthy life. The ABCD: Any Body Can Dance (2013) director states that he had to change his lifestyle and food habits mainly to ensure a healthy heart.

Remo has been vocal about the incident, and states that it has changed the way he looks at life. “I have heard this line before, ‘Everyone has two lives but second life starts when you realize you only have one life’. This is what I follow now and you have to live happily and be healthy,” he says.

This World Heart Day, Remo suggests 4 tips that he follows to make sure he keeps his heart healthy:


Food is one of the major reasons for heart issues. “You have to be very careful about what you eat. Not too oily, no junk food, include more of green leafy vegetables in your diet, salads, chicken and sea food is good, however, avoid red meat and the most important of all, have home cooked food,” says Remo.


Staying fit helps your heart to be healthy, too. Remo suggests that physical activity is a very important aspect for a healthy life. He says, “Every day you need to give a little time to yourself. If you can’t workout then run, and if you can’t run then you walk. You should at least walk for 30 minutes on a daily basis. Basically, you have to give some time to your heart.”

Sleep schedule:

Erratic sleep cycle can be another factor that leads to heart issues. “Sleep is extremely important. Especially because of Covid-19 sleep cycle has become haywire right now. You have to balance and sleep well in the night, as it is very important for the heart,” he shares.

Stress levels:

Besides these aspects, Remo states that mental health also plays a vital role when it comes to the health of our hearts. “Don’t take stress. For me, I think I took a little stress. I was healthy, I was not eating junk food, I don’t drink or smoke, but I still got it. I think somewhere stress plays a part. So, don’t take stress,” he elucidates.

Lifestyle habits:

Smoking and drinking is injurious to health in many ways and affecting the health of our hearts is one of the side-effects. “For those who smoke and drink, they have to be very careful. They can’t co-do things. I am not saying to stop it, I know they can’t stop it, but at least, be in control,” he shares.

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