Mamata-Sonia Camaraderie in Cold Storage? Riding High on Defections in Goa, TMC Says Cong ‘Failed Country’


On a day when several big names are expected to join the Trinamool Congress in Goa, the Mamata Banerjee-led party hit out at the Congress for the mass exodus of leaders and failing the country by “benefitting BJP”.

In an editorial in TMC’s “Jago Bangla” mouthpiece, the party said: “Lot of development will take place in Goa in the coming days… Congress is now saying a lot of things. Our question is, where were you for so many days? Why have you allowed BJP to stay in peace? Every time you block space by saying you will fight BJP but essentially, you will not do it and give benefit to BJP.

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“This will not happen anymore. Why are you attacking TMC? You have failed the entire country, is TMC responsible for that? Your leaders are getting frustrated and they are joining TMC. Is TMC responsible for that People are no more interested in your leadership. Is TMC responsible for that? You are failing in every state, is TMC responsible? TMC wants strong platform to oppose BJP. Work is on and Goa has given a signal for that.”

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The editorial has once again raised questions on the blow hot, blow cold relationship between the TMC and the Congress.

After Bengal poll results, Banerjee went to Delhi and met the Gandhi family, spearheading talks of opposition unity. However, on the ground, they made Sushmita Dev join Congress and in Goa, TMC hit close aide of Gandhi family, Luizinho Falerio.

According to TMC insiders, the party is keen on opposition unity but if the Congress has weakened, it will take up that space and take along people who want to fight the BJP. The editorial is also being seen as a response to Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury who accused the TMC of being hand in glove with the BJP.

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The latest salvo at the Congress has made it clear that the TMC is ready to be the principal alternative to BJP and will not spare anyone who proves to be an impediment in their fight, even if it is the Congress.

Earlier too, the TMC had hit out at Congress saying they were unable to oust Left from Bengal for 34 years till Banerjee came on the scene. The party hinted that the same could be replicated across the country.

As the parties jostle for space in national politics, only time will tell what course their relationship takes.

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