World Tourism Day 2021: 5 Signs You Need A Vacation


World Tourism Day is an event to celebrate the amazing opportunities travelling can potentially offer. Given the increased impact of the tourism sector on society world over, there is no denying that touring around serves among the greater interests of people.

Back in 1980, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) assigned a day to acknowledge the tourism industry. That year on September 27, the first World Tourism Day was observed. It was on this date in 1970 that the Statutes of UNWTO were adopted in Mexico City, also considered a milestone in global tourism. The World Tourism Day is celebrated annually since, to raise awareness on the role of global tourism and to demonstrate its influence on social, political, cultural and economic values worldwide.

In addition to this, it is a reminder for you to pack your bags and step out for a vacation. It can be challenging for some of you to spare time to take a holiday or even think about it. Whether it is everyday rush, tight schedules or implausible deadlines, a sojourn may be the last thing on your mind. What if we told you that taking a vacation sooner than later will benefit you more than you know?

The value of travelling cannot be underestimated, it alleviates burnout, improves productivity and can remarkably reduce stress levels. How can one tell that you seriously need a holiday? Well, there is no medical science to it but a few obvious signs definitely beg you to go for a trip. So whether you are studying hard or kicking them career goals, follow the signs below as an indication to layoff:

Trouble sleeping

While late night scrolling has become extremely common across age groups, the habit is undoubtedly toxic for the mind and the body. When you find yourself scrolling your social media pages or staring at your desktop for several hours together, it implies you are feeling restless, maybe even sleepless. It also implies that your soul is desperate for a vacation. Trust us

Trust us when living through your smartphone is much meaningless compared to living in the moment.

Feeling down and out

Feeling negative, bored, discouraged, dissipated, anxious or generally exhausted? No, these indications do not always and necessarily mean for you to go on a holiday. However, there are some more thoughts around this. You may find it difficult to muster the motivation to get your job done. Everything and everyone about your work annoys you, and you feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled, to accomplish even the daily grind around your overall career path. It’s time for a break if these negative thoughts flow into your personal life.

Interpersonal issues

Venting in frustration is a very common and natural human tendency. Especially when you are very stressed, you might be releasing your grievances and annoyances out on your family, friends and even coworkers. You may also find yourself, at times, withdrawing from your support system, and your responsibilities. Try taking a quick break, it may magically solve your issues.

Drifting to counterproductive behaviour

Not that you are making an effort to undermine your workplace’s best interests, however, subconsciously you may engage in behaviors that negatively impact your performance or productivity. You may be feeling so irritable and stressed that you may find it challenging to pull yourself out of bed and reach the office on time. This can annoy you enough that you end up quarrelling with your colleagues. Reach for your backpack and head out to explore a new destination.

Itching to explore

Sometimes, it is all about taking some time off to recharge. No reason needed because you have only yourself to justify your travel plans and nobody else. There is so much beauty and wonder out there that are worthy for you to feast your eyes upon. Bonus: stress-free body and energised mind. Also, in case you have noticed any of the aforementioned traits, then get moving.

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