Ananya Panday Swears by her Headstand to Stay Fit. You Can Do It Too!


According to reports, getting back to Yoga, Bollywood actor Ananya Panday was seen going all out at a Pilates studio. The actor was seen trying a different version of Shirshasana. Ananya’s Yoga and wellness trainer, Anshuka Parwani, took to her social media to share the Pati Patni Aur Woh (2019) actor’s photo.

The photo saw Ananya in a white sports bra paired with a pink and peach coloured short tights. With the Yoga mat spread on the floor, Ananya is seen completely inverted in the shared picture.

The photo saw Ananya in a white sports bra paired with a pink and peach coloured short tights. (Image: Instagram)

Balancing her body weight with the support of her hands and the crown of her head, the actor is seen doing a perfect headstand, which is a variant called Salamba Shirshasana or just Shirshasana in Yoga.

Her trainer Anshuka is also seen monitoring the actor’s movements and pose. Anshuka captioned the image, “Coming h(OM)e strong, welcome back to the studio @ananyapanday (sic).”

For those who would want to try this, follow the below steps:

How to do Shirshasana

  • Spread your Yoga mat and get down using your palms and knees and carefully place the top of the head on the mat.
  • Now, place your hands in such a manner that your arms are folded 90-degrees with your elbows directly over your wrist.
  • Slowly elevate your knees and start moving your feet towards your hand.
  • Lift your right leg up and align it with your upper body.
  • Maintain your balance and slowly lift your left leg up.
  • Once you balance yourself, slowly point your toes towards the ceiling and hold the position for 20-30 seconds.

Benefits of Shirshasana

The variation of this Salamba Shirshasana reportedly helps stimulate and provide fresh blood to various important endocrine glands of our body, which in turn improves the body’s overall functionality. Besides, experts also suggest that this also strengthens one’s core, upper body strength and stamina.

Precautions to be taken

Headstand, or Shirshasana as it is called, is not recommended to any woman during menstruation or to people who suffer with high blood pressure, heart palpitations, hiatal hernia and glaucoma.

Reportedly, Shirshasana is called the “king” of all the asanas. However, it is also one of the the major causes of an injury. Hence, it should be only practised after gaining much balance and under the observation of a trainer.

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