In Chennai, Pilot Captures Rare Video Of Chameleon Laying Eggs. Watch


Chennai pilot films rare footage of a chameleon laying eggs in a garden.

While many cannot even claim to have seen a chameleon change colour in real life, a pilot in Chennai was lucky enough to capture on camera the rare sight of a chameleon laying eggs in his garden. Srinivasan Ramesh was taking a walk in his garden on Saturday when he came across the reptile giving birth. Mr Ramesh, who is a retired commander from the Navy, was quick enough to whip out his phone and capture a video of the scene. 

The video shows the chameleon, green and brown in colour, laying eggs into a small hole in the ground. The rare footage was captured by Mr Ramesh in the garden of his home at Tambaram in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. 

There are more than 200 species of chameleons found across the world, and many have the ability to change colour. The Indian chameleon, or Chamaeleo zeylanicus, is famous for its ability to change colour rapidly and is the only species of chameleon found in India. While they are usually in shades of green and brown, these reptiles can change colour rapidly – primarily for the purpose of communication or as a way to control their body temperature. 

Most species of chameleons are oviparous, which means they lay eggs. The female chameleon digs a hole in the ground and deposits the eggs there. The eggs generally hatch after three to 12 months, depending upon the species.

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